October 12, 2019

Beauty for Ashes

Passage: Isaiah 61:3-11, Numbers 4:13

The colors of the coverings of the vessels of the tabernacle in the wilderness are interesting (Numbers 4).  They are usually mentioned in order of blue, purple and red for a reason.  Blue is the color of divinity, as the heavens are blue. Purple is the color of royalty as kings are arrayed in purple.  Red is the color of man as the first man, Adam was made from the red clay of the earth; and his name in Hebrew means "ruddy" or red.  Even more interesting is what happens when you join the two outer colors blue and red together - you get purple. Prophetically, this is the doctrine of the incarnation played out in living color. God (blue) became man (red) with the birth of Jesus Christ. This produced the living sacrifice that would become King of kings and Lord of lords (Purple).

Now enjoy this message as Pastor Jason Kennedy illustrates what happens when it's time for the church to move forward spiritually.  According to Numbers 4:13, the ashes of the altar are discarded and exchanged for a beautiful covering of purple.


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